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“... Sonos is the most comprehensive smart speaker for audio lovers, you can have a 5.1 set up in your living room and another set up in your bedroom, and have them connected throughout your home.”

"… Sonos應該是目前功能最全面和最適合音響迷的智能喇叭,可在客廳裝一套5.1家庭影院,房間裝一套喇叭駁另一套音響器材,然後用WiFi連接打通全屋"

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"Sonos can really add to the home. It is not just another sound system, but it is also a part of your home’s design and furniture"

"SONOS 的喇叭確實可以為家居增添不少品味,甚至可以說它並非是一套音響系統那麼簡單,而是家居室內設計的其中一部分"

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"The new range of Sonos keeps to its sleek design, while adding an all-new voice control function. Regardless of design, sound, ease of use and multi-room functionality, it creates for a great music experience and for those of you who wants a clean and sleek home interior, this is an all new multi-room system not to be missed."

"全新的 Sonos 系列除了外形繼續保持小巧簡,更將追加語音操作功能,無論在外形、音色、操作甚至是「多房間」播放上都相當完備,鍾愛享受音樂體驗,而又銳意走簡潔家居路綫的你,一定不容錯過其全新的多房間產品系列"

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"Sonos has long been known for having great sound and designed simply and easy to use - allowing consumers to group, pair or expand easily. Customers can start with a small-sized player, add a Soundbar or Subwoofer, and then build up a smart sound system suitable to their needs."

"Sonos 的卓越音色早已赢得不少讚譽,設計簡單易用的系統,能隨用戶的需要不斷組合、配對及擴充。客人可以由單一小型喇叭開始入手,試啱後再添置 Soundbar 或 Subwoofer,真的做到配合用戶需要而建立合適的智能音響系統"

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"Many brands have been highlighting multi-room music system in recent years but Sonos has been supporting it from the onset. Through the Sonos app, you can easily group different speakers, adjust volume, play different music in different rooms. "

近年好多品牌都講緊 multi-room 多房間音樂串流,Sonos 喇叭一早就支援這款功能,而且可以通過 Sonos App 方便地組合不同喇叭、調整音量、串流不同音樂、指派到不同的房間等等。

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"The best-sounding smart speaker you can buy"

"The Sonos Beam is the soundbar evolved."

Sonos Beam is a compact soundbar that is a jack-of-all-trades..."

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“... Sonos is the most comprehensive smart speaker for audio lovers”
- Apple Daily

"Sonos can really add to the home..."
- Unwire

"... the Beam shows that Sonos is thinking beyond music, and how it can fit into every aspect of the modern home."
- Engadget

Customer reviews

Hearing is believing. This soundbar is terrific. The system is highly recommended.

by RT

All in all, Sonos is great. I like it and highly recommend it. Changed my home life.

by CL

Bought the Beam. Love how little space the Beam takes up in my Living Room and how big and full the sound is.

by David C