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What is Sonos?

Sonos is the ultimate home sound system: a WiFi-enabled wireless network  that fills your whole home with pure, immersive sound, room by room.

Incredible sounding speakers

Fill your home with rich, crystal clear sound for music, TV, movies, video games, podcasts, audiobooks, radio and more. Trueplay tunes each speaker precisely so it sounds great no matter where you place it.  

For any and every room

Put a movie in the living room, a podcast in the kitchen and a song in the den. Or play the same thing throughout your whole home.  

Easy set up

Simply plug and play. No wires. No tricky programming. 

Features of Sonos

Everything you want to listen to

Already subscribed to a music service? Great. Just add it to Sonos using the app, sign in, and play it out loud – for the entire house to enjoy.

One app, complete control

Choose what to play, where to play it, and how loud. In one room or all over your home. Track down songs across all your music services with a single search. Create playlists in an instant. The Sonos app does it all.

Wifi, not bluetooth

Want to fill your whole home with music? WiFi’s your best solution. It streams music from your network instead of your phone or tablet. So you never miss a beat.

The more rooms, the better

The real power of a Sonos system kicks in when you add more speakers. Suddenly you’re playing different songs in different rooms. Or grouping all your speakers together to blast one big jam to every room at once.

Explore Sonos solutions

For your music

Speakers for music, podcasts, internet radio and more, in any room.

For your TV

Systems for your TV, music and everything else.

For your stereo

Add music streaming, podcasts, internet radio and more to your stereo

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