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And we've come to our third and final instalment of this blogpost series on Sound At Home With Sonos!

This week, we're focusing on the area of Sound and Relationships: in particular, how with Sonos, you can have sound relationships (pun intended)!

Mealtime Melodies

Ever wondered how come eating out at restaurants and cafes always has a different ambience from when you're eating at home?

The difference lies in the atmosphere, which can be largely influenced by the presence and choice of music. When it comes to dining, music is the spice in the air, and having it in the background is a huge stimulant to mealtime conversations. With music, there's no awkward silences, and conversations somehow just flow naturally. 

But make sure that background music is just that - in the background.

Studies have shown that fast tempo music will cause people to have increased heart and blood pressure rates, which translates directly into eating more and eating faster.

So the next time you're having a meal with your family, put on some soft and slow tunes, and watch as your family conversations get longer and more enjoyable!

Here are some suggestions for you:


Family-flix Fiestas

If you ever find yourself trying to justify your purchase of a home sound system, know that you're investing into precious family time with the family.

After all, who can resist a good Bond movie or Avengers re-runs? Not to mention all the latest Korean dramas on Netflix taking the world by storm.

And with a good sound system (from Sonos), you'll be more than satisfied with the cinema-level sound quality. 

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The best part about Sonos is that everything is set up wirelessly. So on top of great sound, it keeps everything visually sleek and neat too!

Game Nights

Have a tradition of stay-home game nights with the family? Try mixing things up with a game of Guess The Song.

Rules are simple:
1. Pick somebody to be the DJ.
2. The DJ chooses a playlist or creates his/her own, then starts the music.
3. In a 10-round game, the rest of the family competes to see who can guess each song title first.
4. Person with the most points gets to be the DJ in the next round!

Games like this aren't just fun, they allow you to bridge the generation gap between you and your older/younger family members: the young gets to be exposed to the classic hits, and the old gets to learn about the sound of this generation. Isn't that awesome?

The sound system with a family

So if you're thinking about getting a home sound system, know that it's a more than worthy investment. It doesn't just benefit you, but your family members too.

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