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Immerse yourself in shows, movies, music and more with the ultimate home theatre system.

  • Cinematic sound for music, TV, movies, and more
  • Exceptional dialogue clarity with Speech Enhancement
  • Phased speaker array for immersive listening
  • Future ready voice control built right into Sonos Ones
  • Pairs with your TV and remote
  • Sub adds deep, dynamic bass

    Fill any room

    Playbar's powerful speaker array fills any size room with theater-quality sound.

    Place on furniture or wall mount

    Place Playbar on your TV stand or purchase the custom designed wall mount to easily and securely hang it.

    Play everything, hands-free

    Sonos One blends great sound with Amazon Alexa, the easy-to-use voice service, for hands-free control of your music and more.

    The soundbar for theater-quality sound.

    Premium sound

    Backed by nine custom-built drivers, Playbar delivers rich, cinematic sound for all your movies, TV shows, sports, and music.

    Speech enhancement

    Playbar delivers crisp, clear dialogue. Need even more clarity? Turn on speech enhancement.

    Night sound

    Watching late at night and don’t want to disturb the whole house? Turn on night sound.

    Multiple orientations

    Place it beneath your TV, on a table or console. Or mount it on the wall. Either way, it looks and sounds beautiful.

    Not just louder. Clearer.

    Thin is great for TV screens, but not so great for sound. Playbar to the rescue. With nine amplified speaker drivers—six mid-range and three tweeters—Playbar replaces your TV's built-in speakers with deep, rumbling lows, crystal-clear dialogue, and immersive waves of sound.

    What you see is what you hear.

    Playbar features nine speakers designed in a phased speaker array to deliver “directionality”, creating a wider sound stage. That means if there’s a huge crash on the left side of the screen, you’ll hear it there because the speakers on the left are playing the sound and the speakers on the right are playing the inverse of that sound.

    Add surround sound without wires.

    Create a home theater system when you wirelessly connect a pair of rear speakers and a Sub.

    The wireless subwoofer for your Sonos system.

    Premium sound

    Two force-canceling speaker drivers positioned face-to-face for deeper, richer sound and zero cabinet buzz or rattle.

    Unique design

    Everything, including the Sub’s unique “O” shape, is designed to maximize sound quality and look beautiful in your home.

    Feel the bass

    Two custom-designed woofers deliver amazing amounts of highly-detailed, dynamic bass.

    Multiple orientations

    Stand it tall or lay it flat. Either way, Sub brings out the bottomless bass you desire.

    Everything sounds better with Sub

    When you pair a Sub with any Sonos speaker, you’ll hear parts of your music that you wouldn’t hear otherwise. Sub does all the heavy lifting required to deliver the low, low frequencies, letting your other speakers focus on perfecting the mid and high-range frequencies. You won’t just hear the difference. You’ll feel it.

    Zero vibration

    The problem with moving all that air to create bass is it makes most subwoofers shake and rattle. Not Sub. We positioned the drivers on opposite sides of the enclosure, face to face, to cancel out the force of all that vibration. Rich, detailed bass is all you’ll hear.

    The wireless home sound system that gets
    better over time.

    Easily connect Sonos speakers in different rooms over WiFi to create a home sound system that
    brings every room and everyone together. Regular software updates means your product is
    constantly improving. 

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