Imagine a week without listening.
No music, no podcasts, no dinnertime chatter with loved ones — not even a movie or your nightly TV binge.

想像你一個星期什麼都沒聽見。沒音樂,沒播客,沒有與親人共餐聊聲—— 連電影和每晚狂看的電視劇都沒有。

Yes, here's a GIF of the Scarlet Witch for all you Marvel fans.

Sounds impossible? There’s a reason for it.


As a growing body of scientific research suggests, consuming culture with our ears is an essential element of the human experience. In fact, it goes one step beyond to enhance many aspects of our daily lives. 


Put another way, listening is the world’s most versatile drug. Not only does it help us feel less stressed and more productive, but the sound of music, podcasts, and other types of culture can motivate us to exercise more, spark new ideas, and even strengthen our bonds with family and friends.



“Scientists have found evidence that we are wired to perceive and enjoy music as well as to bond with each other through music,” says Daniel Mullensiefen, a professor of music psychology at Godsmiths College, University of London. “This explains why music is a ubiquitous part of the human experience, supporting the theory that music has a special, important function in our lives.”

“科學家發現證據證明我們天生就會感知和欣賞音樂以及通過音樂深化和他人的友誼,”倫敦大學 Godsmiths 學院音樂心理學教授 Daniel Mullensiefen 說道。 “這解釋了為什麼音樂在人類經驗佔有了那麼必要的空間,也加強了音樂在我們生命中具有特殊的重要功能的理論。

“Music is unique in that it appeals to different psychological functions,” says Dr. Mullensiefen. “It can trigger exactly the same areas in the brain that food… and other recreational activities and drugs can trigger. It can also be physical in terms of participating, like dancing along or playing drums.”

“音樂的獨特在於它有許多心理功能,”Mullensiefen 博士說。 “它能夠觸發食物…與其他娛樂活動和藥物在大腦觸發的區域。它也能夠觸發體力活動 – 例如隨著音樂舞蹈或打鼓。”

With all that in mind, Sonos set out to prove that listening can make the world a better place.


And the Brilliant Sound Survey was birthed! In an online survey of 12,000 listeners in 12 countries around the world, Sonos and its research partners found that listening makes us

Brilliant Sound Survey 就這樣誕生了。通過對在世界各地12個國家的12,000名聽眾的網上調查,Sonos 及它的研究合作夥伴發現聆聽使我們:

-       Less stressed  減輕壓力
-       More creative 更有創意
-       Smarter 填充智慧
-       More productive 更有效率
-       Burst into tears 突然大哭
-       Laugh out loud 縱聲大笑
-       More confident 更有自信
-       Have more fun 更多樂趣

Listening, particularly to music, is reported by participants to have a significant positive effect on four key areas of life: mood, fitness, relationships, and productivity.

參與者報告聽力 —— 特別是聆聽音樂——對生活四個關鍵的領域帶來積極影響:情緒,健康,關係和生產力。

So, the next time you’re feeling down or in need of some motivation, put on some happy tunes and know that it’s scientifically-proven to make you feel better!


Check back for the next 4 instalments as we share more about how music can change our lives!

請回來閱讀我們博客的下一篇文章。 我們將分享更多關於音樂如何改變生命。

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